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The SILK::ROAD VR is a cutting-edge digital platform that transcends being a mere archive; it truly embodies the energetic core of the festival. Our online portal offering is a comprehensive and immersive experience that showcases the project in all its glory. It allows visitors to delve into the numerous dimensions of the SILK::ROAD, unlocking a treasure trove of previously unreleased concerts from past years, waiting to be unveiled right here. Prepare to be captivated as you immerse yourself in these unforgettable musical performances and relive the magic that has graced the festival throughout its history.


At its heart, the SILK::ROAD is driven by a profound vision of embracing both old traditions and new technologies. It seeks to convey a powerful message of bridging the gap between the past and the present, forging connections that transcend time and space. By embarking on a journey of discovery through our virtual platform, you will uncover the hidden gems of ancient cultures and their enduring legacies. 

We invite you to embark on this virtual journey through the SILK::ROAD VR, where artistic wonders await. Allow yourself to be transported to new realms, where tradition meets innovation, and ancient echoes harmonize with the beats of the present. Experience the vibrant tapestry of cultures, the rhythmic pulse of music, and the tantalizing flavors of the Silk Road, all within the confines of our digital realm. The SILK::ROAD Festival beckons you to immerse yourself in its splendor, discover something new, and become part of a transcultural movement that echoes through time.


For an optimal and truly immersive experience, we highly recommend using VR glasses. By putting on these devices, you will be transported into a virtual world where the SILK::ROAD Festival comes to life in breathtaking detail. VR glasses elevate your participation to a whole new level, allowing you to fully engage your senses and be enveloped in the magic of the festival.

For centuries, the Silk Road has served as a symbol of global interconnectedness, acting as a conduit for intercultural and transcultural exchange. It represents the ultimate fusion of cultures, ideas, and experiences from across continents, symbolizing both the past and the future. The SILK::ROAD Festival embodies this spirit, celebrating the artistic diversity that spans from the ancient past through the vibrant present and even into the uncharted territories of the future. It is a true celebration of the Silk Road's cultural richness, encapsulating the essence of this historic route in a contemporary and forward-looking manner.

What sets the SILK::ROAD Festival apart is its ability to seamlessly intertwine ancient traditions with contemporary and innovative forms of presentation.The festival provides a multi-layered, multi-sensory experience, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant and diverse cultures of the Silk Road.